We assist our customers by designing, managing, leading and controlling marketing projects with different focus areas:

• Alignment of product characteristics and market positioning
• Analysis of pharmaceutical and scientific studies
• Development of PR communication and activities
• Development of target group focused marketing concepts
• Development and organization of events and training sessions
• Medical education programs for sales representatives, medical doctors and pharmacists
• Organization of key opinion leader advisory boards
• Scientific data review related to products, claims and branding
• Large personal network to key opinion leaders in different areas
• Media contacts
• Interdepartmental work with Research & Development and Sales and & Marketing
• Management of agency projects, both internally and externally
• Development of national and international marketing concepts
• Advisory service for marketing and sales
• Coaching and consulting for marketing and communication
• Current and comprehensive knowledge on dermatology

Our communicative and negotiative skills, as well as a flexible approach to thought and problem solving allow us as free project managers to define and reach targets in close cooperation with our customers and partners.