Dr. Silke Schagen is a freelancing consultant in the Pharma and Cosmetics vertical. 

Based on her studies and dissertation in dermatological research and her employments and cooperations with Beiersdorf, Pentapharm, Novartis, s&kGrey and Publicis, she combines a wealth of knowledge across different business areas, departments and topics of both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as well as marketing and communication concepts.

Since 2001, Silke Schagen has been performing and leading own projects in dematological research and development at Beiersdorf and Pentapharm. These projects allowed her to interact and cooperate with leading internationally recognized university and industrial experts, to which she still entertains good relationships. Results of those coopoerations and studies were presented at different international congresses and published in various renowned scientific journals.

When Silke Schagen became Account Director at s&kGrey, one of the leading healthcare agencies in Germany, she managed eight customers with a marketing and project management team of four, overseeing the marketing efforts around products from various therapeutic areas including dermatology, oncology, sexual dysfunction and immunology. Additionally, she led the agency's efforts on an international education project with ASEAN in Jakarta and the International Institute for Journalism of GIZ.